5 Most Useful Sewing Projects to Make and Sell

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There are many kinds of crafts you can sew, one more appealing than another to your customers. Different people love different crafts for different reasons.

In this post, we will talk about sewing projects your customers will love to buy because of their practical use and function.


Aprons of all kinds are a successful selling sewing project. You can make different kinds for different purposes, that is, kitchen apron, sewing apron, woodworking apron and any other creative idea you come up with.


Bags of all kinds are usually a high selling sewing project. You can make simple drawstring backpacks as they are simple to make and very popular with the youngsters.

You can make grocery shopping bags that people will be proud to carry. They are after all helping the environment by using reusable bags, and managing to look hip at the same time, thanks to your great designs.

Apart from this, depending on your skill you can make many other models and variations. You can make cool and colourful hobo bags, messenger bags (this production is once more very popular, especially with men), tote bags etc.

In a nutshell, bags are a great selling sewing craft regardless of whether they are purchased for a practical reason or to keep up with fashion.

Another great idea for a bag is a “keep warm” food bag. Any family, specially a family with kids has a need for one, and more often than not, more than one.

They can be used for taking lunch to school, office and for picnics and outdoor excursions. You can get creative and include extra pockets to make them multi-functional to suit the needs of school going children.

These particular kind of bags sell the best in summer and early fall. So stock up before that and make great sales when the time comes.

best selling bags
All kinds of bags are popular and sell well in a targeted market. Just use your strengths and skills with a great deal of creativity thrown in. Focus on finding interesting fabrics and prints.

Sewing Accessories

You can actually make some great sale by making accessories for other seamstresses and tailors. Think of all the things that look great in a sewing studio, things that are needed and are of use, such as pin cushions.

You can use your creativity to make many attractive designs and to turn even a small accessory into a beautiful one. Tailors and seamstresses like having plenty of useful sewing accessories around.

The tip here is to use fabrics, colors and embellishments to create interesting designs. Mix it up, get creative. Pin cushions and all kinds of organizers are a favorite because they do not take much time to make and sell for a good profit.

sewing accessories for a sew shop
Sewing accessories for other tailors and tailoresses is about making simple, eloquent, useful and attractive items of utility like pin cushions and organizers in various shapes and sizes.

Mat and Napkin Set

This project is right up there on the list of useful sewing crafts to make. It is a hot seller if you can deliver novel results.

Table placemats might be a common enough craft but you can make yours unique. Make them sturdy, reversible, of durable quality and of course easily washable. Combine your placemats with matching napkins set and you’ve got yourself a hit craft.

There are many methods of making placemats. You can use quilting weight fabric. However to make them easier to maintain, simply use a thick fabric like cotton twill and lightweight canvas.

Patchwork is a great idea as it makes this project sell ever better. But it’s labour-intensive. So figured that in your final selling price since you can only charge so much.

Kitchen things

Gloves, oven mitts, pot holders and aprons are all high selling sewing crafts. We have already spoken about aprons. As far as gloves & mitts are concerned, combine prints and colours to make attractive designs.

Remember to make them in pairs as people prefer to have two rather than one. To make things easier for yourself do not quilt them. Just layer, cut and build.

You will manage to make them super-fast. Quilting fabric is recommended.

Any other craft you can think of sewing for the kitchen is probably a great idea as well.

Useful sewing crafts


  1. I made them years ago for gifts when I couldn’t afford to buy gifts and people loved them! I and napkins and napkin rings to match. Thinking hard about doing this again!

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