10 Bestselling Sewing Crafts

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These are some great sewing projects that you should always strive to have in your sewing shop. These crafts have a history of being wonderfully popular with people.

Some of the crafts we mention are actually categories. That means that you can include more ideas of your own. For example if we tell you that baby bibs are hot selling item to sew, consider making bonnets, booties, blankets etc. as well.

So while reading this list of 10 bestselling sewing crafts, keep an open mind. Without any further delay, let’s have at it.

Stuffed toys

Arguably, the first item we are listing is also the most difficult to make. We will be the first to admit that this is not for everyone. Making stuffed toys goes beyond the skill of simply sewing. In fact with the stuffing and shaping and accessories involved, it’s a whole new skill entirely.

sewing soft toys
One of the more difficult crafts to sew, although sewing simple stuffed toys works well as well. It’s popular craft online provided you can fulfill the legal business requirements.

However there are many items in the scope of children toys that are not too difficult to make. Look up some projects and see if you can do this. Making children’s stuffed toys will be well worth the while for your sewing business.

Baby things

Mothers will not spare any expense in buying the best and the cutest things for their babies. Lucky for you, a lot of things that a baby needs falls under the category of sewing crafts. Examples? Baby bibs, bonnets, blankets, changing mats, booties and the list goes on.

sewing for babies and infants
A great niche you can specialize in. Sewing things for babies and infants will keep you making interesting things. People also love to buy this stuff for gifting, so that increases the size of your market. Again, check the legal requirements in your area for making things for children.

This is a great category for sewing crafts because mothers love the idea of natural, handmade, safe and unique utility items for the babies.

Safe and unique are the key words here. Use the very best of material and get your creativity in the high gear. Cheerful and happy teams usually work the best. Experiment with neutral shades as well if that is where your tastes lie.

(Important Note For Making and Selling Children’s Items In the US: You have to know that making and selling any item for children is not that simple anymore. No matter the size and scale of your business, if you are making anything for children under 12, you have to comply with a host of laws and regulations that make it a difficult thing to do for most small businesses.

“CPSIA” is one such act that requires all makers of children’s things ensure that their products are in compliance with various requirements.)

Top 10 sewing crafts Cushions and pillow covers

When people ask me for advice on color whenever they are buying a new sofa or even bed-sheets, this is what I usually have two offer. Go with a neutral shade and let your cushions and pillows add the color.

That’s the power of cushions and pillow covers. And that is why they are number three in our list of hot selling sewing crafts.

sewing cushions
Use festive themes for sewing cushions and boost your sales during during the season. Use local tradition themes as well.
sew and sell cushions
Choosing interesting fabrics and prints is a focal point when sewing cushions to sell.

It is a simple craft to make. But it’s your unique imprint on the colors and prints that is going to be your high selling point. And while you are at it why not throw in a bonus feature like making them reversible!

Tote bags

Easy to carry, with enough space to fit in anything you can think of. That is why women love tote bags.

sew tote bags
It doesn’t get simpler than this. The focus is on choosing interesting prints and fabric. These crafts cost very little to sew, can be sold for inexpensive prices and yet earn you a hefty profit margin. Tote bags are a great addition to your online shop and will always find buyers.

Tote bags are ageless and used by women of all ages. That means you will have a huge market to tap into. Use your strongest material and sewing techniques whenever making any kind of bags. Make the handles strong and give some interesting pockets like an inside pocket for a mobile. Find interesting prints and you have a hit craft on your hands that will sell in super-quick time.

Messenger bags

We are on a roll here. It’s all about bags right now. Messenger bags are back with a bang and popular with men. So do not neglect to tap into this segment of the market.

sew messenger and leather bags
Sewing all kinds of bags is profitable, if you can do it well. There is a wide range of skill that can be utilized for making this craft, from basic to advanced.

Your choice of fabric will need to be more masculine like canvas, denim and, if you are feeling adventurous, leather!

Usually, sewing on leather is reserved for the advanced seamstresses and tailors because there is no room for mistakes. If you get a stitch wrong, you usually have to discard that particular piece and start afresh.

Remember to give plenty of pockets and a comfortable way to carry your messenger bag.

Slouchy bags sewing small puches

Yup. Another kind of bag. But different in design and appealing for different reasons. It’s a great item to sew. Someone who doesn’t buy your tote bag might go for a slouch bag instead. Some will buy both!

The idea here is to have a little bit of choice and variety in your bag collection. It helps with the sales.

Zipper pouches

Pouches are of the same concept as bags that is, storage. But they are very different product at the same time. Simple zipper pouches can be made in different sizes and designs. And they usually sell for just as many different reasons. They are small storage units that can be used to carry cosmetics in a handbag or to keep receipts.

The use for zipper pouches is as endless as the number of people who will want to buy one.

Your duty is to simply make them in interesting prints and colour and usually with a soft padded material. The soft and padded ones, that provide cushioning to the contents kept inside, sell the best

Doll Clothes

We should have probably mentioned this along with the stuffed toys category.

sewing doll clothes
Sewing this miniature craft can be fun and lucrative. There are some artists making a very good income with this craft online.

If you decide to make outfits for some of the popular models of dolls, you will discover that these items are pretty fast sellers.

Phone and tablet covers

There is really no need to explain why this would be a great addition to your sewing store. People adore covers and cases for their expensive electronic devices.

sewing and selling phone cover

Handmade covers for phones and tablets is not only an interesting way to carry them around but also an effective way to protect them at the same time.

So you need to accomplish two things. Make interesting designs and provide enough cushioning and soft fabric to keep the device save as much as possible. Usually handmade covers provide ample protection against bumps and minor falls.

People appreciate handmade covers and cases also because they are unique. So get creative and turn this craft out in interesting designs, fabrics, colors and prints.


The last project we are going to talk about in this series of bestselling sewing crafts is also the easiest to make. Even the most basic and simple design looks great, serves the purpose and is a great seller.

Organizers help people keep things together like letters, papers, pens, sewing accessories and so on. You can make organizers for a whole lot of different things.

This concludes our list. I’m sure you are ready do fire off some great ideas and designs of your own.

One more thing before you go. If you want to get instructions on how to make the above mentioned crafts, buy the following book online:

You will get complete projects along with pictures and details step-by-step instructions.

Do post your input below as comments. Thank you for reading.


  1. My question is where do you get fireproof fabric for children’s sleepwear etc. Or even child safe retardant to soak or spray fabric with to make what is readily available in child/ infant prints fireproof? 2nd question is where can you get a printable list of the rules and regulations regarding making items for anyone under the age 12?

    1. Hello. Hats would see really well if you make them attractive, interesting or funky. That is up to you. Quality and finish will be important, of course. Hats can be a great selling item because it can very easily be a special niche. Not too many people can and do make hats. We have written a lot about how important it is to find a niche to actually sell well. For you, this just might be it. The only thing that remains is where to sell your crafts. If you want to sell online, consider Etsy as a platform. Read about how to start selling on Etsy. There are more ways to sell online other than Etsy. 31 places to sell your crafts online.

      There are many other options of places you can sell as well the ways you can promote your small business. Read more about where to sell your crafts.

  2. Thank you for this great information. I am always interested in crafts of every kind. Haven’t sold much yet. Mainly give gifts.

  3. Just came across your article. Thank you so much for such great guidelines. I also linked to Amazon and ordered the book you recommended. Cheers from Australia.

  4. Do you have a link for the laws and regulations on baby items? I looked online and didnt find anything pertaining to handmade sewn items.

    1. I follow some of my own that are not necessarily legal, but more common sense.

      -No pieces which could result in chocking if it came loose or disconnected.
      -Double stitch stressed seams, or areas where infants may suckle.
      -I pre-wash fabric with water and baking soda (no chemicals or scents) and dry without dryer sheets to prevent allergic reactions.
      -No recycled materials

      My own opinion is that laws only formalize what should be common sense and I consider what I would want for my own child/grandchildren.

      Good reference:

      One law which is mentionable: Baby/children’s pajama’s/sleepwear must be made from fire retardant material.

  5. I make stuffed toys and doorstops, my own version of course, soft stuffed toys are without features (eyes, noses etc.), so it helps… sometimes clients does not even notice that the bunnies does not have any features, but it makes it real safe for any age. The doorstops I put the sand/beans etc that you use to get the weight into a plastic bag so it will not leak out or get swollen because of wet weather, and customers find that comforting that they can keep it for a long while, as sometimes the material you use for the “weight” becomes mouldy and even grow in there if you are not carefull… mended many an old doorstop for customers to make it “fresh”… love my craft

    1. Hi Trish,

      Have you tried spraying your doorstops with a water repellant, perhaps a natural based one? That would extend the freshness…

  6. #2 – Baby items are not something you can just start selling because it’s a good way to make money. There is a litany of Federal and state regulations (and some international as well) that MUST be followed when it comes to producing children’s items. CPSIA passed in 2008 is a huge piece of regulation that applies to every single US seller of children’s items. Regardless of whether it’s a big corporation or a stay at home mom selling crafts out of her house. If you sell children’s items and are caught without proper permitting the fines can put you in deep debt. Some fines can be up to $10,000 depending on what you’ve done or not done properly.

      1. She is not wrong. It can be spelled either way depending on where you live. You may have noticed from the way she spells colour that she is not an American. Just because she doesn’t use American spellings doesn’t mean she is wrong. After all, it IS called English for a reason.

      2. the American English is “Organize”…so the author is not wrong in her spelling. ‘Organise” – the British English is also acceptable.

    1. I agree. I have been making Dog/Cat Bandana’s for years and I do extremely well at craft shows and on facebook.

    2. Really. I am thinking in dog and cat cloth and pillows, you have more coments about. Thank you

  7. Great list but surely all the bags mentioned should go under one heading and you could have included evening bags and hats. Both simple (ish) and stylish and good sellers, especially hats for cold in winter or sun protection in summer.

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