How To Choose The Right Sewing Machine For Your Business

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Great. So we are starting a sewing business from home. We can’t get much ahead without first sorting out this little business of having the correct sewing machines to do the job.

We are not going to immediately suggest that you buy a new sewing machine for your sewing business. That decision will largely depend on what machine you are already using. For a business your sewing machine has to be up to the job in hand, otherwise you will make the job a lot more difficult and time-consuming for yourself. Your sewing machine needs to deliver functionality, quality and dependability.

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If you have a basic, light weight sewing machine, you need to get another one that is heavy duty. Beginner sewing machines are good for learning and for basic stitching work. They are not capable of handling the volume of items that a sewing business produces. But this does not mean that the sewing machine you need has to an expensive one with the latest bells and whistles.

However, your sewing machine should be sturdy, reliable and have a few important functions such as:

  1. Adjustable Stitch Length.
  2. Adjustable zigzag stitch. 
  3. A way to make good button holes.

There are stitches you need when sewing with different kinds of fabrics. So if you intend to work with a lot of knit fabric, its great if your sewing machine has that capability. A great way to work with knits it to get a Serger or an Overlocker. But if you do not have those, using a ball point needle and a different pressure foot, like the walking foot or the dual feed foot, can work very well with knits even on a regular sewing machine.

The good news is that most new sewing machines all major stitches in their built in functions.

Just check during the purchase to make sure that your machine has all the specific features you require. To allow for a greater flexibility and expansion of the products you make in the future, choose a sewing machine that, when used with the right needle, is capable of sewing thicker fabrics like canvas and leather.

In the next post we will talk about the important sewing machine accessories you should such as needles, pressure foot etc.

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