7 Qualities Of A Bestselling Woodcraft

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7 simple steps to make your wood craft a best seller.

We have been getting a lot of queries about what woodworking items sell the best. So we wanted to write a little more about it. There are many options to consider when you are looking to make money from your woodworking. You know that.

The first thing we want to say is: Play to your strengths. There is certainly going to be a product or craft in your comfort zone, that you can make a bestseller.

If you keep looking outwards all the time and not focus on your own skills, likes and dislikes, things can get confusing and fast. You cannot possibly make all the wonderful woodworking ideas out there. And you certainly should not imitate another craft simply because it seems to be doing well.

Instead, embrace your own drive, inspiration and comfort zone. I’m sure you can find a woodworking idea that’s just right for you.

With that said, here are some qualities that make for a successful, profitable and hot selling woodcraft.

how to make best selling wood crafts

Simplicity. Yes, simplicity is a very important quality for a profitable woodcraft. Contrary to what many make-believe. The most profitable woodcrafts are not always the most complicated ones. Simple woodcrafts play on other strengths like utility and an affordable price. 

Easy to make. This is an extension of the simplicity factor. You can make more of a woodcraft that is easy to make. More items to sell, with less man hours  involved translates into higher profit for your efforts.

Utility. Even the simplest items of utility can be high selling wood crafts. Think of the popular uses you can put your woodcraft to. For example, simple wall mountable shelves, picture frames can sell really well online. Use a good texture and finish and you are good to go.

A popular niche. Look into this a little bit. We can tell you that woodcrafts and furniture for babies and children sell really well. What is a popular niche where you live? Some examples of popular niche for woodworking products are home decor, kitchen and outdoors. Think outside the box. Create something new from the old using your own ideas. Even changing a little bit can change a lot.

Heritage, Antique and Restoration. Nostalgia is a very strong emotion. And it directly translates into sales. Any woodcraft that hints at being a heritage, antique or restored from something old tends to be a hit with the buyers. Antique and distressed woodworking items are always popular woodcrafts to sell.

Mass Appeal. If you want to improve your chances of selling more, make woodcrafts that have masa appeal to the public. It’s true that many woodworkers still make exclusive heritage items and sell them for large amounts of money. But that’s just how they prefer to work. And they usually have solid credibility and a viable existing customer base to justify the high price they charge. If you do not have these things, you are better off catering to the market that is looking for good quality standard and sturdy woodworking items.

Quality. The quality of your work is everything. Make your woodcrafts to last and your customers will appreciate it. With woodworking, quality of not just your work but your materials also always shines through. So pay attention to that. Quality doesn’t mean that you have to use the most expensive wood to make the craft. You can work with board and veneer and still choose the best options.

These are the seven essential qualities for the best selling woodcrafts. Your particular craft may have a few or more of them in combination. You should also read:

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