Are There Any Shortcuts To Success?

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I come from a position where a lot of people ask me how I make a living working online and from home. A large number of them hold the view that working and making money online is something anyone can do.

And when other things else do not work out for them or they want to supplement their incomes, they want to do it as well.

Mostly when people ask me how I make money online, they seem to expect a quick answer. As if there is one little secret to it all. And if I reveal it to them, they too will start making a successful living doing the same thing as me within the week.

People seem very excited about the prospect of working like this and earning a living. They look expectantly for me to reveal how to do it. But as I start talking, and telling them about how things work, I can see literally see their eyes glaze over… the blank expression as they look at me.

I mean they were asking me for the magic formula for some internet cash and in return they were hearing phrases like “ had work… takes moths and years… learning curve.. utilise skills and knowledge… learn new stuff… build a business” etc….

There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going….

That’s right. There are not easy ways to make money online. There are no magical jobs that make you rich overnight. You cannot use skills like typing and make thousands of dollars in a week. I mean that has been the premise of home based job online scams for years. And yet people fall for it.

People fall for all kinds of online scams when it comes to making an easy buck. There are so many different variations of the promise that helps scammers take advantage of the same vulnerability in people.

Know it and believe it. If you really want to succeed, stop looking for easy ways to do it. By easy I mean when you don’t have to use any special skill or knowledge to make money. If that was the way to make money online, don’t you think everyone would be doing it by now? And believe me, millions have tried and more continue to do everyday.

Alright. So there are no shortcuts… So what are you supposed to do to make things work? To be successful with working from home, or working online?

Use your talent, skill or knowledge. If you don’t have one already, then get it. That will be your asset.

If you are interested in writing, learn to write… if you want to design artwork, learn that… if you want to start a blog, learn how to go about making a money making blog…

For a lot of things you can do, information and even full blown courses can be found online. Then there are books you can read. Be ready to give and spend time in figuring out things for yourself.

It’s important to know what you are good at, what you like doing and how you can make money from it.

So there it is. Invest some time into finding a substantial way to make money. Find work that is sustainable and long term. It should be something you build, and something that grows in the future along with your success. Take the long way around because the destination and the journey will make life more worthwhile. Just remember to keep the journey fun and interesting as well.

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