Can A Positive Mind Create A Better Life?

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Alright. So this is me. All my life I have heard people say you have to be a positive person to have good things happen to you. It never made sense to me. And to be frank I found it impossible to be positive about many things.

So what is it.. It is some kind of a secret of the universe for a good life? Many will tell you, think about the right things in the right way and they will come to you. The universe will offer it you, nothing less. They even have a word for it… manifestation.

Real results

Anyway, manifestation or not, I have come to realise that having a positive mindset has some very real results on the way things happen to you. Or rather how you make them happen. One of the biggest after effects of a positive mind set are that you are more likely to do things and try to make them work.

For example, you have been thinking of starting something of your own. Something you have dreamed of doing for a long time. But your pessimism is keeping you from doing it. Before you think of how things can work you have thought of many more reasons why it will not.

The second after effect of a positive mind set is your own peace of mind. It is not in turmoil so much anymore. Anything and everything stops effecting and upsetting it. You see the positive side of many things that you could not earlier and therefore end up having a comparatively balanced point of view than before.

You get along with people better and that ends up being a source of more happiness and enjoyment. People do love a person who it happy and positive because they feel better around such people. You will also find it easier to get along with people because you will see them in a better light. The more positive you stay the more tolerable you will be of other people’s shortcomings. This has a profound effect on all kinds of human relationships, family, friends and intimate ones.

It’s your own ability to do things

People who tell you that you can achieve a lot more success in life with a positive mind are referring to your own ability to do things. It’s the same ability you have that gets stifled when your mind is riddled with scepticism and doubt. The negative thought usually entails ‘can’t do’ while the positive one is usually ‘can do’.

Doing anything you want to do starts with taking the first step and simply beginning. There is no other way. And after you begin, your faith and commitment keeps you going through the struggle period till you start succeeding. All this is only possible with having a positive approach to doing things as well other people.

And who knows, maybe there is some cosmic mantra or magic at work here. The positive does attract the positive. Maybe believing is the way to creating abundance for yourself.

What should you do?

Either way, developing a positive mindset and behaviour needs work. I seldom happens overtime. You have to consciously root out the pessimism from your mind. You know you are overtly and unnecessarily paranoid about something when you notice that no one else is. It’s a good idea to pick out a few people as role models and pit your attitude against them in your own mind. This will bring some clarity to you about the things you need to work on.

Another sign that you are being overly negative it when something exceptionally troubles your mind. This is not to say that nothing should trouble you. But you know deep down, if you are honest with yourself, when you are fretting too much about something. Put your trust in a wise loved one who knows you and tells you not to worry so much about something.

It is easy to look around you and find so many things that are wrong. But if you are not changing anything by being upset about something, don’t be upset. It’s the same with people. Don’t expect too much with little is enough.

So being positive about things you need to do and the people you surround yourself with should directly have an impact on the quality of life.

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