7 Best Places To Create Your First Webpage Online

Website Vs. Webpage – Is there a difference? Websites used to be the classic method. Then blogs made things easier. Now things are even simpler. Social media pages and and posts offers both ease and functionality. So as things stand today, creating a webpage online does not necessarily mean going the traditional route  of hosting……

The #1 Step For Selling Crafts Online – Your Own Online Shop

This part often gets left out when starting to sell crafts online I.e. having your own online store. It’s important to do this even if you are selling on other platforms. See the advantages of taking this step and how easily it can be accomplished.

9 Ways To Create A Great Brand Image On Etsy

Brand image is important for every business. Even more when selling through an online shop like Etsy. All the customers can see is your craft and the message you create around it. Welcome to “Branding For Etsy”.

Shining Spectacular Brand Image In 7 Steps

The steps of branding depend on the nature of your business. For example, certain branding steps differ if you are selling your crafts online as compared to selling them through a physical shop. However, this difference is less every day because online presence is becoming ever important to get the word for your business out……