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Update: This article was published sometime back when home based craft assembly jobs were a popular search online. Many people interested in working from home sewing crafts and other things wanted more information about this opportunity.

However, over time it became evident, from the numerous reviews and feedbacks pouring in from the people who tried this work, that this was, in most cases, not a genuine work from home opportunity to begin with, whereas in others it wasn’t a successful method to make a substantial or a sustainable income working from home.

I understand that the idea of home based sewing jobs is alluring, where you do not have to make the effort to sell or market what you make. You just sew simple crafts, and someone will buy that back from you. But in the real world that is not how things work.

It is a more legit idea to learn how to setup a small sewing or a craft business. Selling online also has become easier than ever before. Reality also is that you have to make something that people will want to buy. So you have to be good at what you do because people have a lot of options today. Here are some links to craft business resources you might like to read.

The list provided below is for information purposes only as many of you are still searching for it online. Keep the above mentioned caveats in your mind. 

This is a listing of sewing jobs at home that involve making and assembling craft products. The sewing skills required range from hand stitching to machine stitching. There are also crafts that require embroidery and appliqué work to be done.

Look at the craft description mentioned with each sewing job. If you are interested in making any of the crafts, click on the link for more information regarding the job and the contact information for the business offering the work.

These sewing jobs are essentially what you also call product assembly jobs. But the ones listed here all require sewing skills to be completed. Also, before you proceed with any of the information you find here, please read our article on Safe Work Practises.

PLEASE READ the important instructions given at the end of this page. They will save you a lot of time and trouble if you are looking for this kind of work from home.


SEWING This company makes beautiful baby bonnets. Must have basic sewing skills. Straight stitch sewing machine needed.They will pay you $95.40 gross plus $4.00 shipping. You are limited to 5 units per week each unit is (30) bonnets.Earn $477.00 per week.

Contact: P.O. Box 112063, Carrollton, TX. 75011-2063.


SEWING You will be sewing little “Buddy Bear”. You should have sewing skills. Sewing machine needed. This company will pay you $80.00 for production of each unit you complete to their quality standards. One unit consists of 10 Buddy Bears.  Produce 40 bears earn $320.00 Produce 80 bears earn $640.00 Produce 300 bears earn $2,400.00

Contact: P.O. BOX 390099 DELTONA, FL 32739, Phone: 386 574-5350 9am-2pm EST M-Thursday (NOT VALID IN FL OR MD)


This company has been in business since 1989 and is in good standing with all consumer agencies. You will need a basic sewing machine with ziz-zag or satin stitch. You will be paid for each unit of 36 baby bibs $115.00 plus $4.00 towards shipping. They accept 4 units per week. Earn $460.00 weekly.

Contact: Phone: (707) 446-6316, Address: PO Box 700, Vacaville, CA 95696-0700,

sewing jobs from home


These beautiful angels are constructed of muslin and flannel. They are easy, straight stitch sewing, trimmed with simple embroidery using floss and silk ribbon. A unit is 24 angels. Although the patterns are the same, the trim varies to make an angel for each of the four seasons. They pay $100.00 for each unit made according to their specifications, plus $5.00 postage. You purchase your raw materials, which run about $40.00.

Contact: Phone: (912) 927-0421, Address: 8709 Clarke Ave, Savannah, GA 31406


City Capes manufactures high quality hair cutting capes for the beauty industry. You only need basic sewing and appliqué skills. City capes will pay you $120.00 gross per unit of 20 hair-cutting capes plus $5.00 shipping that are completed according to their standards. They will accept four units per week total earning $480.00.

Contact: CITY CAPES P.O. Box 2095-NHA Vacaville, CA 95696-2095

American Home Crafts, (707) 446-6316, PO Box 700, Vacaville, CA – 95696-0700 –


This company manufactures and distributes “DINO DINOSAURS” They are stuffed animals. They will supply all materials. Follow their special pattern & assembly instructions at no cost to you. These animals are sewn by hand and machine. Watch TV while you work. Possible income of $560.00 weekly.

Contact: P.O. Box 4302, Dept. NHA Enterprises, FL 32725

Phone: (407) 574-3312 Fax: (407) 574-3498 P O Box 390069, Deltona, FL – 32739-0069

Additional Phone Numbers: (407) 860-4848, (386) 860-4848


This company manufactures wholesale and retail BIG SISTER Shared hearts dolls and Holiday decorations. These designs have appeared in prominent magazines such as “Country Sampler, Family Circle and Good Housekeeping”. You should have basic sewing experience. Straight stitch sewing machine needed for dolls. This company will payyou $96.00 for each unit of 12 dolls ($60.00 for production & $36.00 for cost of supplies.) They will pay on Holiday Decorations $72.00($63.00 for production and $9.00 for cost of supplies).

Contact: (732) 229-2869 19 Sunset Avenue, Long Branch, NJ – 07740


If you know how to use a pattern and have sewing experience this could be the product for you. You can machine sew or sew by hand these huggable lambs. They will pay $75.00 for each assembled unit they accept. Each unit consists of 10 lambs. There is no limit to production. Produce 80 lambs make $600.00.  

Contact: Address: 5961 Fox Hollow Drive S.E., Dept. NHA P.O. Box 7225 Winter Haven, FL 33883-7225(863) 666-5821, 115 Dons Ct, Lakeland, FL – 33801

Additional Phone Numbers: (863) 325-9886, (863) 295-9717, (813) 325-9886



Assemble ladies eyeglass cases, or CD cases. There is no selling. These can be sewn at home with a straight stitch on your sewing machine. Receive payment from this company within 72 hours. • Eyeglass Case…They pay $70.56 gross for one set of 48 and $4.00 shipping. (Maximum 5 sets per week). Earn $1,411.20 per mo. • CD Case…They pay $81.84 gross for one set of 32 cases and $4.10 shipping. (Maximum is 6 sets per week). Earn $1,636.00 per week.

Contact: ELK CREEK CASE P.O. Box 98 Trail, OR 97541

(541) 878-8165 676 Elk Creek Rd Ct, Trail, OR – 97541 –


This company produces Christmas mice ornaments. No experience is needed. A needle and thread is the only toolsrequired. They have 27 different mice characters. They are easy and fun to do. They will pay $291.42 gross for each unit of 57 mice.

Contact: Address: P.O. Box 820 Garden Valley, CA 95633, P.O. Box 780, Rocklin, CA – 95677

(530) 333-1633 (Disconnected) 


Sew year round making these 4 items. • RANDOLPH BABY BIB – made of broadcloth and polyester co tt on. A zigzag stitch is needed. They pay $80.00 gross for each unit of 35 baby bibs. • BUSTER THE HAPPY GOBLIN- Buster is a door/wall hanging made of poplin and broadcloth. A zigzag stitch is used for face detail. They pay $60.00 gross for each unit of 12 door/wall hangings. • HEAVENLY ANGEL – This 9” tall angel is made of muslin and set off with ribbon and lace. She is a straight-stitch sewing project. They will pay you $110.00 gross for each 26 angels produced. • LITTLE NICK – This 9” Santa is made of broadcloth and mohair. He is a straight stitch-sewing project. They will pay $120.00 gross for each unit of 30 Little Nicks.

Contact: 4742 Liberty Road S. #172-NHA Salem, OR 97302-5000

(503) 399-6919 270 Culver Ln S, Salem, OR – 97302


This company produces a lower lumber back support. Their supports are 7 inches wide and 2 inches thick and are made of polyester and cotton fabric. For a unit of 10 earn $75.00 For 20 units earn $1,500.00. There is no limit – produce as much as you like.

Contact: Phone: (386) 756-0083

  • Address: 1500 Beville Rd Ste 606, PMB 224, Daytona Beach, FL 32114, 
  • 2455 W Int’l Speedway Blvd Ste 807, Daytona Beach, FL 32114, Volusia County, 
  • P O Box 224, Daytona Beach, FL 32114, Volusia County, 
  • 2090 S Nova Rd Ste K1107, South Daytona, FL 32119, Volusia County




These key chains are made with 2 ply 100% nylon plastic canvas yarn. They pay $130.00 gross for one unit of sixty key chains. They accept 3 units per week. You can earn $390.00 gross.

Any store that carries craft supplies should have the materials needed to make these Key Chains.

To receive your starter kit, send in your one-time registration fee of $17.00 plus $15.00 for the starter kit and $6.95 for shipping, handling, and processing for a total of $38.95. Shipping, handling, and processing fee is not refundable. The start up kit you receive will contain easy to follow instructions, diagrams and all the materials to make your first unit.

 Customer Service: 877-203-8956, Address: JD’s Keychains Inc. P.O.Box 508 Florence, MS 39073


(We have received an email from the alleged previous owner of the site informing us that they shut the business 10 years ago.)

Sew quilt blocks together. Sewing machine is necessary. There is no quilting or appliqué involved. The finished quilt is 14 ½ inches square. This company will pay you $100.00 per unit of 25 blocks. They will accept up to 3 units per week. Earn $300.00 per week.

Contact: Phone: (250) 428-0022 Fax: (205) 428-0830 Address: P.O. Box 281, Porthill, ID 83853 Website:


Kitchen crafts have been in business since 1989. They produce quality homemade household items. At present, they are making kitchen place mats and oven mitts. The simple to make place mats and oven mitts are easy and fun to do. You need only basic sewing appliqué skills. They will pay you $115.00 gross for 30 place mats. They will pay you $115.00 for 40 oven mitts. They accept 4 nits per week. Earn $460.00 a week. They also pay $4.00 per unit for shipping.

Contact: (707) 446-6316, Address: PO Box 700, Vacaville, CA – 95696-0700 –


You need basic sewing skills and a sewing machine. Receive $544.00 for every 4 units of baby bands submitted. You will get $116.00 for each unit and $20.00 to cover the cost of supplies per unit for a total of $136.00 per unit and $8.00 to cover shipping.

Contact: Phone: (775) 782-4537 Fax: (775) 782-6056 1420 Industrial Way STE 1, Gardnerville, NV 89410-5744 Additional phone number: (775) 782-8990


You have seen these duffel bags mall sporting shops. They accept up to 16 per week. They pay $39.37 per completed bag. Earn $630.00.

Contact: Phone: (937) 599-1293, Fax: (937) 599-1793500

N Main St Apt 1, Bellefontaine, OH – 43311-2234

Additional Phone Numbers and web addresses:

  • (800) 238-1693


SON RISE GREETINGS  produce and distribute quality, handcrafted, specially designed, cross-stitched greeting cards, which are suitable for any occasion.
The cards also make nicely framed pictures. The start up kit cost is $20.00, the registration is $12.00 and the shipping and handling is $7.95 that totals to be a one-time fee of $39.95.

This company will pay you $126.00 for 24 cross-stitched greeting cards that you make plus $20.00 for supplies. They will buy up to 4 units @ 126.00 is $584.00 is possible. This company is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. This offer is available in the Continental US only.

  • Contact: Rets, Inc. Phone: (601) 845-5028, Address: 103 Sharanne Lane, Brandon, MS 39042-9428.
  • Customer Service: 800-644-8419 Sonrise Greeting Cards Inc. P.O.Box 510 Florence, MS, 39073


Make money sewing quilt blocks together. No quilting involved. All you need to do is cut out the quilt block pieces and then machine piece together the quilt block. This company will pay you $100.00 per unit of 25 quilt blocks, to 5 units weekly.

If you don’t know how to sew or don’t have a sewing machine, you can also work at home for STEADFAST by cleaning natural fiber which is used for hand spinning, quilt batting, patchwork, quilts & pillows. It is cleaned by removing seeds and pieces of hay by hand, soaking it in hot soapy water & air drying it. They pay up to $300.00 net weekly for cleaned fiber (20 pounds).

CONTACT: PO Box 923, Bonners Ferry, ID. 83805.


This company designs and markets a line of hand crafted children products. At present, they are making baby bibs. You need basic sewing and embroidery skills. They will give you step-by-step instructions. The bibs require only a straight stitch on your sewing machine and some hand embroidery. Earn $456.25 per week making these beautiful baby bibs.

Contact: P.O. Box 1060 El Toro, CA 92630 Phone: (949) 454-1307 Fax: (949) 454-1307


Only basic sewing skills are required. Beginning level hand embroidery and a straight stitch from your sewing machine is all that is needed to make these baby bibs. These bibs are sold in shows and markets. They will give you step-by-step instructions. You can make up to $525.00 per week. Sweet peas is a member of their local Chamber of Commerce and the BBB. Find out more about these beautiful bibs.

Contact: P.O. Box 1869 Laguna Beach, CA 92652 

Phone: (208) 853-2075 – PO Box 1239, Eagle , ID 83616


The Flower Workshop will pay you to make flowers for them. They have found several outlet s for their beautiful handmade flowers and their sales have been increasing so rapidly that they can offer home assembler the opportunity to help their demands.

This program is not for group, Co-Ops, schools or other institutions at this time. They furnish a flower making machine and details step-by-step instructions to make the flowers both fun and easy.

You can make $63.36 to 126.72 weekly in your spare time. For complete details on how to get started, please send $2.00 (refundable) and a self addressed stamped envelope to the above address. 


Sew and assemble loveable country bunnies. These bunnies are 12 inches tall and made out of polyester and cotton fabric. They can be sewn by hand or machine. Materials are furnished. The will pay $7.00 per bunny.  1 kit (10 bunnies) $ 70.00 3 kits (30 bunnies) $210.00 6 kits (60 bunnies) $420.00 10 kits (100 bunnies) $700.00

Contact: (407) 860-4120 642 Ft Smith Blvd, Deltona, FL – 32738


Ladies Hair Barrettes Sew by hand Earn $157.00 gross for 1 unit of 60 barrettes.

Contact: Phone: (775) 782-6524 Fax: (775) 782-6056, Address: 1420 Industrial Way STE 1, Gardnerville, NV – 89410-5744


This company assembles little potpourri bonnets. No experience is needed. They will pay $16.00 for 12 bonnets and since each one can be completed in 5 minutes you can make easy money in just one hour.

Contact: Valerie’s Hattery Inc., Phone: (231) 421-5157, Address: PO Box 5250, Traverse City, MI 49696-5250



  1. Kindly know that this information is listed here only because lots of people request it. The so called product assembly jobs are mostly defunct and not a reliable way to make an income.
  2. We INSIST that you communicate with the company before deciding to work for them.
  3. Get all work details to your satisfaction before sending them money for supplies.
  4. Prefer the companies that list a physical address and not just a P.O. Box number.
  5. Also look for a website and a phone number that you can call on.
  6. A customer care number where a customer care representative is available to answer queries about the home based work project is also desired.

Please do NOT send money to mere P.O. Box addresses without conforming legitimacy. We keep investigating these and more work from home offers and would really appreciate your feed back. If you have any experience with working from home making craft items, please tell us.

On a special note:

We have to end this post to by saying that one of the best ways to make an income from sewing is to start a small business set up for yourself. You can start by offering your sewing services to people, or start making your own crafts to sell.

There is plenty of information available on our blog to get you started. Read our guide to a sewing business. We also highly recommend our e-book “the craft income secrets”. It will give you all the information you need to start doing sewing jobs from the comfort of your own home.


  1. Smoky Mountain hair ties is a scam! Yeah you may get paid a little then they’ll hang up on you and keep your deposit $ and whatever they owe you. Someday they will have to answer to God for this.

    1. Thank you for writing in, Naomi. And yes, you could be right. The product assembly companies that are scams do that as well. In order to scam a person they make initial small payments so that the person gets encourages to buy more materials from them and maybe even recommend them to others. Then when they have gotten enough from you, they shut down your payments on one excuse or the other.
      Also, because you got paid in the past, they get to cover up later saying that they are legit because they paid you that one or two times and the reasons for dis-contintuing payment is something like ‘quality issues’.
      I think it also helps them avoid making the refund.
      Please get in touch the with Better Business Bureau immediately if you feel that you have been scammed by Smoky Mountain.
      They will help you resolve your complaint the get your refund back if you are eligible for it. Just go
      Keep us posted on how it goes.
      Best regards,

  2. I called to this company “Snowy Mountain Hair Ties”
    but the lady who picked up the phone sais that was a wron nomber,she knew what I was talking about since other people been calling before,
    she thinks there most be a mistake number.
    I was interested and more information about that work at home ither for me or my daughter, even if I’m already starter working with thise other company NSP, where you can work also from home they train you, have educational tools asan webinars, free comference calls I know this company for about ten years and it have very good reputation it been in business For nearly 36 years, they have led the industry with proven, quality products and a lucrative compensation plan.
    If someone is interested in more information about it you can check it out here

  3. Hello Irene,
    I know you posted this comment a long time back but I just happen to come across some information on the Internet that made me think of the comment you posted here. You were asking about a comany that lets you make men’s ties at home. I did come across this company that says that its a craft assembly company and provides this very kind of work to its home assemblers. This is the information I have so far:
    Snowy Mountain Hair Ties
    P.O. Box 1013
    Loustown, MT 59457
    Phone: 406-538-5130
    Income Potential: $240.00 per week maximum for 120 hair ties

    It’s a good thing there is a phone number listed as well.Why don’t you look these people up and give them a call. I would love to hear how that goes.
    I sure hope you get to read this. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  4. Hi I just wanted to let know every body that this companies named sweetpeas and bella beads are scam she cashed the check for star kit send the material for a sample,I send the sample plus $18 for material for first set it’s been almost 2 months and they don’t return my calls, I’m being searching for information of this companie to late I found out that is a scam. Beware
    The owener’s name is Gina Straw.
    Check on more information at the website below

  5. Hi,
    Thank you for writing in. I was reading what you said about coming across a website offering plenty of ways to make money online with grants, claims processing and all that kind of work.
    Well, I would agree with you about the compiled information being compiled together like that being invaluable. Provided the information is genuine.
    It is probably not. These websites are carefully engineered and designed sales copies of scams.
    Let me ask you this. They want a fee to provide you this information, right? Why on earth would they be doing that. If there are ways of making money from the methods that they are suggesting, they should go ahead and make it themselves. Even hire a few more people and make even more money. Why are they claiming to have this great package of making hundreds of dollars each week and then willing to sell these ‘secrets’ for a few dollars?
    Yes, we have all heard the nonsense about how they are only trying to help the fellow home based worker to make money from home. Well, if that is the case, then give it up for free.
    Believe me, it has all been tried. Form filling, insurance claims processor, online data entry, coupons jobs and more along the same lines. It has always come up with zero results. The sales copies of these websites are completely misleading and the information that you get in the end, if it is of any use at all, is completely different than what you thought you were getting.
    Just remember this. There are no secrets for making thousands of dollars from home. And if there are..? they are certainly not selling on the internet for $34.99.

  6. hehe and i honestly didn’t realize there was another question.. lol hehe

  7. I don’t realy know where to put this but either way I hope it helps anyone else wit this in mind.. this isn’t realy a forum based site which is probably for the bestseeing how some people have very stupid questions indeed.. but hey, we all see thing’s in a different light..

    I’ve been looking for some home assembly jobs, and have come acroos a few site’s that wanted me to pay for the list of assembly companie’s.. with this list they would add in information needed on various aspects of working at home and also important information if you wanted to go into busines for yourself.. A particular site and another I recently found tonight which say’s it has a list of item’s including irs, cash grants info, online business tips an such.. which I think in a whole together would be a very good batch of files for the smart entrupenuer..

    What do you think of this? some of these site’s are basicly cataloging alot of info that takes alot of time to find BY YOURSELF. As soon as i do have the money to spend on this I am going.. it’s some what inaluable since it is all put together in one place.. I wish people knew about this site, you’ve helped me abit an I’m sure have helped others more.. Thank you.

    Like I said I’me looking to work from home and am curious about what you had said in another article about virtual support from home.. are there any USA based companies that hire home based worker’s you would recomend?

    I’ve been wondering if there is a data base dedicated to — how would I put this, lol.. I’m somewhat stumped.. == A list of jobs and there requirment’s needed.. I mean a FULL job list.. Anything and everything. when you go to college you wan tto be a biologist,, you want to be a engineer.. but in reality you go through all this training and end up falling into a job, which it’s positon name isn’t even engineer of whatever you do.. I’m more of the inventor type,, a jack of all trade’s.. I have no prior college degree’s but have studied a few subject’s.. metal, electricity, wood, auto-cad( whihc right outa schooll there are no jobs for, I’m pissed),landscaping.. I went to a high school then vocational school.. The problem is I have the urge but don’t have the money for the schooling and don’t know exaclty what I want to do for a career.. somethign I love.. you can’t help me with that I know.. That’s why I’m asking about the Data base of company type/ job position requirement’s..

    Gizmo Enigma Bubbles

    also,, about I looked for them in the BBB an the search came up zero..

  8. Hi Irene,
    Thank you for writing back. I am glad that you did. There is no short way to respond to your query but I will try. But I still suggest that for a comprehensive outlook go through the various sections of our website.

    I looked at the website that you mentioned and it looks like another website trying to sell you a list of product assembling companies. There is no mention of any sort of contact information on the website. There is no physical address, phone number or a way of speaking to someone before you buy. These are the first signs for another typical website trying to sell a get rich quick scheme. It is our strong advice to steer clear of companies and websites that refrain from diverging essential information about themselves. This is literally the first step in distinguishing between the genuine and the false offers.

    There are several other websites similar to this one who sell you this kind of information. All these different websites under different names have the same thing in common. They promise hundreds of dollars every week in income and they all sell the same old list of companies.
    Please understand that these websites have no connection whatsoever with the companies contained in their list. The make huge promises of income potential in order to convince you to buy this information from them. Nor will they provide any sort of assistance with the work after thet are done seling their information to you.

    First of all, you do not have to pay anyone to view these companies as they are all listed here for free.
    Secondly, a majority of this listing is in completely unsatisfactory standing with the Better Business Bureau with most of them having a rating of F. The rating of F signifies the lowest ranking that the Better Business Bureau gives to any business on the basis of the credibility and reliability.

    There are perhaps a handful of product and craft making companies that people are actually working for. We have listed them here on this website under Top 5 companies. You can also easily locate the people working for them in some popular forums. But in spite of this, you need to understand that the income potential is limited. Most of the people who do product and craft assembling at home to it for the love of craft making and mostly as a hobby. It is something to be done for fun and not to make a serious income of. Even the Better Business Bureau remarks that they have no records nationwide of anyone having made a substantial amount of money for a sustained period of time doing this kind of work.

    Finally I would like to bring to your notice the other jobs and opportunities that are listed as bonuses on the product assembling website that you mentioned earlier. They are all of the nature that is frowned upon and commonly known as scams by most of the authorities. Please read the following excerpt from the website of the Better Business Bureau.

    “The Better Business Bureau warns against paying up front fees for work-at-home opportunities, which are often described as voice mail retrieval, reading email, stuffing or mailing of envelopes, processing mail, being a home mailer, updating mailing lists, typing labels, home secretarial work, e-commerce at home, or home computer work. The Bureau’s experience is that these are often a variation on a chain letter. Those schemes are regularly shut down by the United States Postal Inspectors. If you are calling to complain about a problem with this company, and the complaint involves one of the opportunities just described, please file your complaint instead with the Postal Inspectors by calling 800-372-8347.
    Other schemes may be described as medical billing opportunities, reviewing movies, reading books, or home assembly of various products.
    How do you find a real job, which allows you to work at home? You can sign up with your state’s employment commission or check out the classified ads. Do not expect to find real jobs that pay good money for easy work to be done at home. The request for an up front fee is a big warning sign. Even if the company is offering a home assembly opportunity or a directory of companies looking for homeworkers, we advise caution before paying any up front fees for any reason. You normally will no more have to pay to work at home than you would to work in an office, if the job is real. Because these types of companies come and go so quickly, the absence of complaints at the Better Business Bureau is not a good indicator that the company is legitimate. The victims may be too embarrassed to complain or the scheme may be structured to make it look like any problems are the fault of the victim.”

    As for the other company that you mentioned by the name of LEPJAC, they also run product assembling company by the name of Over the Arm Purse. The postbox address is listed along with other companies here on this website.
    But they have no record whatsoever with the Better Business Bureau and are highly suspect.

  9. The company website is which allows you to download information included in their assembly catalog ( loads of items to make plus an additional listing) with all the bells and whistles but request $39.00 for the purchase.
    Also. I looked up a website for Lepjac Enterprises such site and found no factory with this name in Winkleman, Arizona. This is a handbag company. Are they legit.

  10. Hi Irene,
    Thank you for writing in. I do not have any specific information related to the business of sewing ties at home. But I am going to look it up and post the update if I find any.
    If you let me know the website that you are talking about, I can look in to it and try to find more information about it for you i.e. if it is legitimate or not.

  11. Do you have any manufacturers that allow you to sew men’s ties at home?
    I know there is one from another website but you have to purchase their $39.00 assembly catalog to find out who it is. I am interested in the making handbags also.


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