9 Ways To Create A Great Brand Image On Etsy

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This step involves doing a lot of stuff outside the website of Etsy. It begins even before you list your craft on Etsy. Building a brand starts with small things like choosing a business name, name for your Etsy shop, a logo and a shop banner.

Branding is important. More important than any other activity you can perform for your business. You should never ever ignore it if you truly want to make sizeable profits from your art. Branding will just increase your income manifold even when the amount of work you sell remains the same. Do good branding and work less for more income. What could be better than that.

The Need For An Effective Brand Image On Etsy

With time, more and more people are finding their way on to the Etsy marketplace to sell. Many hear about it’s popularity and of people who have found great success on it. Etsy did a great things earlier on and restricted the wares that could be sold to only handmade crafts. That helped in maintaining the integrity of the website as artisan and artist centric.

Regardless, when an interested buyer visits Etsy, he/she mostly has a lot of options to choose from. To have a buyer choose your craft you need to have a great craft. But a great brand image comes in only second to that. 

An effective brand image speaks trust and professionalism. It inspires trust and repeat sales. It is a way of telling people more about what you and what your craft is to make it more memorable and relatable. With branding you can send out a message about who you are, what is your craft. 

You realise how we relate to people with personality and find some more memorable that others? Think of branding as creating a personality for your crafts. It will go a long way in helping you to sell them.

I have helped many a friends to get their work viewed as exclusive and rare. They were doing the same work before that as well. But people often need to be informed and told the value of something. If you do not do that, you will have a tough time of making them pay what you think is the real value of it. A sorted approach to creating a brand image can do this for you. 

And the great part is that it takes a few simple and easy steps to create a brand image for Etsy marketplace.

Think of everything that affects the brand image of the business. Think of the things you look at in order to tell a reliable business from another. You and your crafts must never come across as amateurish and every exposure that your business gets should build a great impression. These are a few things you need to work on to have a strong business strong brand image for your business.

Easy Steps For A Memorable Brand On Etsy Marketplace

  1. An identifiable business name.
  2. A good banner and logo for your Etsy shop.
  3. Great product pictures.
  4. Great written copy for your description and titles.
  5. Well-designed and attractive packaging.
  6. A written profile as an artist.
  7. Your own website or a blog where you write about your art or even sell your products.
  8. Creating a niche craft. 
  9. Active promotions through social media, ads, emails etc. 

Remember your brand image is your one true asset.

You will find it a lot more easier to make money from your arts and crafts when you have a strong brand image for your business.

A brand image raises the perceived value of your craft. When people notice things like an appealing business name, a nice logo, a a good profile picture, a well written self-profile, they automatically get impressed.

They see you as competent, talented and professional. They assume that your work is worth more and are ready to pay for it. Good branding often gets equated with good quality and that is something that people are always willing to pay a higher price for.

It is true that image of a business has a very high bearing on how well you sell.

Think of it like this. What if your profile appeared in a popular magazine? Don’t you think that you could start asking for more money for your crafts and people will be ready to pay for it?

Nothing about your craft changes except that the brand image gets stronger. Every time your brands get stronger you stand to make more money from it. So even before you start your Etsy shop, make sure you have followed the basic steps to start creating a brand image.

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