How To Use A Turnkey Business Model to Start Your Woodworking Business

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The first order of the day, of course, will be to understand what a turnkey business is. A turnkey business is a business that van be easily replicated. It is a business that is built on proven and tested methods and strategies. For example, someone starts a business.

And over time and with experience, figures out the things that work and things that do not. With this experience, he creates a system. This system comprises of all the do’s and do nots that make a business successful.

It is a business model that tells you exactly what to do and and how. Therefore, a turnkey business can be easily copied and replicated by another person for predictable and successful results.

Many woodworkers, over the course of time develop their own method of working. You may have in fact created your own successful business model. If you haven’t then you certainly can by doing several things like research, experimenting etc. It’s probably going to take some time before you’ve got things pat down.

The reason why we are talking about a turnkey business is that there is one such model that has come to our attention.

  • A woodworker, who says he has poured in more than 30 years of his working experience, has created this model. His model consists of explaining about the woodworking business, such as how to get started, how to save money with tools and material and other such details.
  • He then includes information about what he does to make his business a successful home based setup. This includes all the woodcrafts he makes and sells. 
  • The premise of this woodworking business is that you can make a great income by making small and easy projects in your wood shop, as long as you choose projects that are high in demand and popular.

Easy woodcrafts take less time so you can make more of them. Since they are high in demand, you can sell more of them. Therefore, it’s a profitable system.

You can come up with your own list of bestselling woodcrafts and furniture to sell. If not, you can read more about Jim’s products and download the complete DIY plans for them. Click here to download them.

At the end of the day, play to your strengths. Make the woodcrafts and furniture you are good at. As a one-person woodworking business it is important to have enough time and freedom to work. Making your own crafts to sell makes a lot of sense as a single person running the business. Which is why this particular turnkey business is right for so many woodworkers out there.

The hobbyists can learn how to grow their weekend forays into a steady income, whereas the professionals can really profit from the hundreds of best selling plans included in the package.

Replicating or just adapting from an already successful woodworking business is going to save you a lot of time and make you much more money. It can be a good addition to your existing knowledge-base on running a woodworking business.

New and profit making projects are always a welcome addition to any woodworker’s inventory.

Have a look at some of the best selling projects here.

They are simple to make, do not require expensive tools and material and are great ideas that most of you will easily be able to make a part of your creating process.

All the best. And do write in if you have any questions.  

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