6 Reasons Toy Projects Are Great For A Woodworking Business

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We often speak about making simple and high profit projects to maximise the revenue from your woodworking business. In this post we want to focus on one particular category, wooden toys.

At first you might find it strange that in this day of electronic toys, why would the woodworking toys be of any attraction to children.

But the fact is that they are. In fact well made and high quality woodworking toys are a novelty for many people.

Usually its the very young children who play with wooden. These toys are simple constructions such as a car or a horse on wheels. Pull along toys are another favourite example. Larger projects include toys like rocking horse, stroller etc.

All these projects are good, solid and high setting projects for your business. All items in this category sell very well.

Parents like the safety and durability of wooden toys. Wood is a natural and a much safer option of material for toys as opposed to other chemical compounds.

The construction also ensures that there are no harm or injury causing parts in the toy.

Classic appeal

Wooden toys have a classical beauty. They have been around for generations. So there is that charm factor. Who wouldn’t like to have their children to have fun on well built rocking wooden horse?


Wood is very durable. Well built wooden toys refuse to break down. All the wear and tear kids are willing to subject them to, the toys bear with it very well.

Even if something does break it is usually very easy to fix at home.

Kids love it

At the end of the day, there is no denying the fact that kids love these wooden toys. If you ever had a favourite one yourself you will know what I’m talking about. I know I do. I guess one of the reasons is that the favourite toy is able to withstand constant companionship without breaking down. Your favourite wooden toy ends up staying with you for longer.

The novelty of it

We mentioned that electronic toys are becoming more popular. The counter effect of that is that wooden toys have actually become a novelty. They used to be commonplace but now for many people they are something special. They are both great buy for many people for their own children as well as for gifting purpose.

Tools required

You can make wooden toys solely by hands. But the fact is that a power tool such as a router will dramatically speed up your work. Depending upon the toys you may also want to use the lathe.

Rounded shapes are very common for children’s stories. For example, wheels! You do not have want any sharp corners and edges on items you are making for children.

So our advice is, once you are sure that you are making a profit from this business model, and you see yourself doing it for a sustainable period of time, invest in getting yourself the required while tools to make your job faster and easier.

In conclusion

Include wooden toys in your inventory of crafts you make. They are very high selling woodworking item.

An added plus is that they sell extremely well online also. It is one of the popular items that a select number of people are ardently searching for.

One more thing, it’s important and great to have good woodworking plans for your projects. Would profits specialises in providing you plans for high selling wood crafts, including many beautiful wooden toys. You can learn more about it here and download it on our strong recommendation. Do post your comments if you have any questions or observations to make. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Toys are a lovely idea, and a lot of fun to make, but in the UK there’s legislation about safety standards and risk assessments, and I think they have to be (EU) certified before you can sell them. I’d be really interested to learn from anyone whose done it – how difficult is it and what are the extra costs?

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