57 Ideas For A Craft Business

Mobile Art Gallery Art is big business, and starting a mobile art gallery can put you on the road to riches. Take a traditional art gallery; place wheels on it and you have this business opportunity in a nutshell. Maybe it is not that simple, but pretty close. In this enterprise you will want to work with perhaps a hundred artists or more. This is a volume-based operation. Once you have selected the artists, begin to establish locations where the artworks will be featured. Good locations include doctor office waiting rooms, office lobbies, restaurants, hospitals and all other high-traffic gathering […]

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Target Market, Researching and Advertising A Craft Business

What is “target market” Usually when a product or service is created, there is a certain kind of populace that is expected to like it more than others. This segment of people that love your product more than others are differentiated by various qualities such as: Age Gender Income level Geographical location Marital status and so on. This classification of customers, and their cluster thereof, is called the target market. Benefits of having a target market It is possible that when it comes to your craft, you have something with a universal appeal! Everyone of all ages, gender and tastes, […]

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Where And How to Sell Your Crafts

The secret to success behind any business is to be able to sell. So when we encourage our subscribers to start selling their own art & crafts, the questions on their mind is “How do we do that?” The selling experience can be broken down into 2 stages. Stage 1: Point of sale, which is the location you are going to sell your crafts from i.e Your own studio,  Through your e-commerce website,  Through other stores and retailers,  Auction sites like eBay  Other e-commerce stores like Etsy,  At craft fairs,  Through consignment with friends and family. So in a nutshell, […]

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How to Discover Your Creativity When New Ideas Are Elusive

One of the doubts that plagues a craftsperson mind is the belief that you cannot create something new & attractive enough to sell. In other words you doubt if you are creative enough, struggle to come up with new ideas or just find yourself stuck in a creative rut. Well there’s some great news for you: You can defeat all of the aforesaid difficulties whenever you face them. Here are some tips: Forget about the business for the time being. Become the eager seeker one more time. Get online & start scavenging sites like Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram & crafting blogs. […]

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When You Should Sell Off-Line

open a craft store

For many people it makes the most sense starting a craft business locally. Selling physically to customers is easier and quicker in many situations. Let’s give you a few examples of when finding customers around you might be easier for a start-up. However, remember that if the craft you make allows it, you should definitely expand your business into the online workspace as well. If you can sell off-line to real customers you can almost surely increase your profits by selling online as well. Consider your situation to know if you can start selling to people around you. Have you […]

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Email Marketing For Your Business – A Beginner’s Guide

Many sources will tell you email marketing is the number one method of making sales. And we agree. There are some strong reasons why you should not to be in business online without using email marketing as a tool. What is email marketing? The concept is simple. You have probably encountered it many times on other websites. Ever been on a website where you signed up to receive their free newsletter? Ever been offered some freebie in exchange for your name and email? If you have seen this you will know what email marketing is about. You need to implement […]

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How To Start A Blog On WordPress With Dreamhost – Step By Step Guide

Go to WordPress.com to start a free blog. The obvious disadvantage of a free blog is lack of branding. Your website address will look something like this: www.username.wordpress.com. A free blog on WordPress will not allow you full control over customisation and will serve third-party advertisements. Start a free blog if you are still working on your content and such. However, link it to a domain name of your own as soon as possible. We do not recommend having a free blog for a craft business or any kind of business. Its shows you are an amateur, which is an impression […]

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7 Reasons You Must Have A Website For Your Craft Business

craft business blog

I realise that it is easier than ever before to start selling your crafts online without building your own website. In fact, if your craft is ready, you can have it listed for sale on eBay or Etsy in a matter of minutes and certainly within the day. This is absolutely great and we would never tell you to stop selling on third-party e-commerce websites if you are having success with that. Many people who sell on Etsy, have their own blogs even though they sell only on Etsy. “By not having a website of your own you are missing […]

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Capturing Online Leads And Measuring Conversions

capture online leads and conversions

A majority of visitors do not convert to sales instantly. However, they may buy from you at a later date. It is important to try and retain as many of your paid search visitors as possible with your business. How do you do that? By ‘capturing leads’. What Are Customer Leads? The commonest and the perhaps the most effective method of capturing leads is with email marketing. We will discuss this at length in a later post. But the basic concept is that you will get the visitor to submit his name and email, often in exchange for getting something […]

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4 Ways To Get Even More Online Traffic

get more online customers

At the end of the day one of the most important factors that is going to drive your sales is traffic, whether they are online customers or physical ones to your home-based craft store. There are ways of getting traffic to your website, or to your craft listing on other e-commence websites like eBay and Etsy.com Lets discuss traffic sources for your craft business is a little more detail. Ebay Traffic There are two types of traffic you can have for your eBay listing. It’s own traffic coming from people who visit eBay either directly or through search engines, and […]

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