Where And How to Sell Your Crafts

The secret to success behind any business is to be able to sell. So when we encourage our subscribers to start selling their own art & crafts, the questions on their mind is “How do we do that?” The selling experience can be broken down into 2 stages. Stage 1: […]

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When You Should Sell Off-Line

open a craft store

For many people it makes the most sense starting a craft business locally. Selling physically to customers is easier and quicker in many situations. Let’s give you a few examples of when finding customers around you might be easier for a start-up. However, remember that if the craft you make […]

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Why And How To Copyright Well

learn to write better

In our previous post we discussed the importance of good product photography and how you can take good pictures. The second element that plays a large part in your online sales is the quality of copywriting. Copywriting well means writing excellent product descriptions, titles and call to actions. Good copyrighting […]

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