Why And How To Copyright Well

learn to write better

In our previous post we discussed the importance of good product photography and how you can take good pictures. The second element that plays a large part in your online sales is the quality of copywriting. Copywriting well means writing excellent product descriptions, titles and call to actions. Good copyrighting helps a potential customer to convert to a paying customer, immediately or in the long run. Copywriting is a skill that you would do well to learn more about. It is an important sales tool and therefore employs all triggers and techniques that any other selling process does. There are […]

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Why And How To Take Great Product Photographs

This is a topic I love to talk about. I like photography, am good at it and get a lot of satisfaction from taking good product photographs. However, I am not writing about product photography because I like doing it. Product photography is very important part of your craft presentation. When selling online photographs of the crafts can literally make or break a sale. After all, this is the only means the buyer has of viewing the craft. If you are not bothered with showing off your crafts in the best light, what kind of a commitment can you really […]

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How Set The Best Fixed Selling Price For Crafts

How to maximise the fixed selling price for your crafts You should sell your crafts on other platforms apart from eBay auctions as well. Not everyone likes to bid for objects they want to buy and not everyone likes to buy on eBay. You know how much the craft has cost to make and how much you want to be paid for your labour in making it. But there are so many other factors that you can average. You also want to be rewarded for your creativity, ideas, novel design, quality craftsmanship etc. Sadly, many crafters tend to undervalue these […]

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Ebay Auctions – Why You Should Auction Your Crafts

TBefore you proceed we suggest you read the previous post on pricing principles and how they work if you haven’t already. Remember auctions work best for the limited supply crafts. These are the advantages of selling crafts on eBay and other similar auction sites. The demand sets the price. The more people looking to buy your craft the higher the auction price is likely to surge. The final selling price can be much higher than what you’d would have sold it for otherwise. Auctions are a good indicator of “Buy It Now” fixed price. If your craft repeatedly sells at […]

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How To Set The Final Selling Price On Your Craft

There are some very different approaches you can take to price your craft. Choosing the right one is important because it makes a big impact on the amount of money you make. The first thing you need do is throw out any preconceived notion about what you think your craft should is worth. Many amateur crafters tend to grossly undervalue their work. Understand the principles of pricing and you will probably realise that your craft is worth much more than you thought. Using “Limited Supply / Premium” Pricing Principle There is one major reason that should have a direct influence […]

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How To Make And Sell Niche Craft Items

A niche is explained simply as finding or creating something special. The niche is either the craft itself i.e. something that no one or few people are doing. Or it is a variation of a craft i.e. you change or put conditions of your own that make the craft different. For example, iPad covers are not a niche, but hand embroidered iPad covers could very well be a niche since not many are available. The advantage of working in a niche are obvious. You stand out from the rest as one-of-a-kind. There are thousands of iPad covers available online. But only […]

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Money Do’s and Do Not’s For A Craft Business

handling business money matters

Keep just a few things in mind to manage the finances for your craft business better. Do not use personal funds. While, it’s true you are probably going to use your own funds for starting a business, avoid dipping into your personal accounts and savings for future business use. Allocate the amount of funds you want to right in the beginning and then let the business returns provide for additional business expenditure, purchases and expansion. Put Away One Year’s Expenses As Savings This is a measure that is recommended if you are leaving a job to start a craft business, […]

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Set A Clear Financial Goal Before You Begin

set business income goals

One of the things that you need to do while starting a draft business is set initial and realistic financial goals. This puts many things in perspective and helps with the start-up. By starting your own craft business one is guessing that you want to build financial security for you and your family. You can create this security at any level. You do not have to achieve the ‘super-rich’ status before you consider yourself financially secure. You can do it by creating a craft business that is the source of reliable income, which with additional efforts will grow over the […]

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Stay True To Your Craft And Personal Style

maintain originality in your crafts

You are very likely to face pressure from different directions when you start a craft business. You may tend to compare yourself to other craft businesses. You may get business advice from many quarters telling you what and what not to do. Stay true to your craft and do not start worrying about whether or not it can make you money. Do not compare yourself to other successful businesses because you do not know their full story. The idea is to start your own business on your own ideas and not to try and emulate another. Seeking inspiration is one […]

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Business Essentials – Licence, Permits, Taxation Etc.

business essentials

In almost every form of business you need to adhere to some guidelines, rules and regulations from the government as well as the community. Here is a checklist that you should look into to ensure that you and your business are in compliance. Do not make the mistake of thinking that your kind of business setup is exempt whether it is large or on a small scale. It is best to consult a business accountant or a business attorney for a sounder knowledge of the rules your business setup needs to follow. These professionals can also get it all done […]

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