How To Choose A Name For Your Craft Business

choose a business name

The process of choosing a craft business name comes after you have decided what kind of business you are getting into. Keeping that in mind choose the appropriate name. Remember to keep future expansions and diversification in mind. Putting a particular ‘craft’ such as ‘cakes, quilts, lamps, bags’ etc. in the […]

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Setting Up A Creative Workplace

The place where you work with your crafts should be a source of inspiration, solace and creativity apart from serving all the practical functions as well. No major overhaul required. Start with a simple space. Don’t think for a minute that we are asking you to do a major setup […]

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Creating Time For Crafting

You have decided to start working on your craft business dream. Now you need to put in the hours to get things moving. What is your situation? Are you already working in a full time job? Do you have a hectic schedule with home and family responsibilities? Where is the […]

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