Set A Clear Financial Goal Before You Begin

set business income goals

One of the things that you need to do while starting a draft business is set initial and realistic financial goals. This puts many things in perspective and helps with the start-up. By starting your own craft business one is guessing that you want to build financial security for you and your family. You can create this security at any level. You do not have to achieve the ‘super-rich’ status before you consider yourself financially secure. You can do it by creating a craft business that is the source of reliable income, which with additional efforts will grow over the […]

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Stay True To Your Craft And Personal Style

maintain originality in your crafts

You are very likely to face pressure from different directions when you start a craft business. You may tend to compare yourself to other craft businesses. You may get business advice from many quarters telling you what and what not to do. Stay true to your craft and do not start worrying about whether or not it can make you money. Do not compare yourself to other successful businesses because you do not know their full story. The idea is to start your own business on your own ideas and not to try and emulate another. Seeking inspiration is one […]

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Business Essentials – Licence, Permits, Taxation Etc.

business essentials

In almost every form of business you need to adhere to some guidelines, rules and regulations from the government as well as the community. Here is a checklist that you should look into to ensure that you and your business are in compliance. Do not make the mistake of thinking that your kind of business setup is exempt whether it is large or on a small scale. It is best to consult a business accountant or a business attorney for a sounder knowledge of the rules your business setup needs to follow. These professionals can also get it all done […]

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How To Choose A Name For Your Craft Business

choose a business name

The process of choosing a craft business name comes after you have decided what kind of business you are getting into. Keeping that in mind choose the appropriate name. Remember to keep future expansions and diversification in mind. Putting a particular ‘craft’ such as ‘cakes, quilts, lamps, bags’ etc. in the business name can make things confusing for the customer if in the future you decide to expand your line of products. While we know that you can get online and start selling real quick, we strongly advise against doing it without choosing a business name first. Right from the first […]

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Setting Up A Creative Workplace

The place where you work with your crafts should be a source of inspiration, solace and creativity apart from serving all the practical functions as well. No major overhaul required. Start with a simple space. Don’t think for a minute that we are asking you to do a major setup here. There are a few prerequisites a crafting workshop should have, but you are in no way limited with your options. Start in a spare room, a closet, in the garage, in a nice corner or even the kitchen if you are ‘cooking’ up your crafts. Take the effort to […]

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Creating Time For Crafting

You have decided to start working on your craft business dream. Now you need to put in the hours to get things moving. What is your situation? Are you already working in a full time job? Do you have a hectic schedule with home and family responsibilities? Where is the time for crafting? Get disciplined with how you spend your time. The first thing you are going to do is get disciplined. Sorry if that sounds ‘lecturous’! But there are ways to siphon off extra time from your existing busy time when you don’t have any time! What things keep […]

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The Most Important Quality Of A Craftperson

Some of you will answer that its talent. Yes, of course you need talent to be successful as crafts person. But only that is not going to ensure business success. So what else? Business acumen? Yes, that is needed as well. Without learning and knowing the business side of things you cannot hope to convert your passion into an income. However, one of the most important qualities that a craftsperson should have is CONFIDENCE! Without confidence in what you do and in your ability, you are not even going to take the first step towards building a source of online […]

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7 Steps To Choose A Perfect Craft To Sell

In this post we are going to nail down every single point of debate in order to decide what is the best craft for you to make and sell. We’ll tackle it in seven steps. Here goes. 1) Take measure of your skill and talent This is the starting point ready. What are your strengths and skills. If you are proficient at knitting you obviously will not make a woodworking craft. The thing to consider is whether you’re current skills are up to the mark. You can easily do this by being unbiased or getting an unbiased opinion from friends […]

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Are You Ready To Be An Entrepreneur?

Discover if you have what it takes to start your own craft business. One of the doubts a person can have regarding starting a business is whether they are actually cut out to run and grow a business. There are certain traits and qualities that all successful entrepreneurs share. Let’s see if you possess them by outlining them briefly in this article. Before I progress, I want to emphasise that I know many talented artists who have made a great success of the business without knowing a lot about running a business. Two things work in their favour. Being very […]

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Not Sure If You Are Creative? Discover Your Crafting Talents

Self doubt can plague anyone, at any juncture and during any enterprise. So starting your own creative business in no exception. You know that you would love to do run your own show. You know that you love art and craft. But at the same time, do you doubt if you are creative enough? Sure you indulge in your crafting talent, but then do you look askance at your friends and family when they tell you, “You should sell this!”? There are ways to get ahead of your fears and doubts regarding your own creativity. The first and most important […]

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