Target Market, Researching and Advertising A Craft Business

What is “target market” Usually when a product or service is created, there is a certain kind of populace that is expected to like it more than others. This segment of people that love your product more than others are differentiated by various qualities such as: Age Gender Income level Geographical location Marital status and……

Where And How to Sell Your Crafts

The secret to success behind any business is to be able to sell. So when we encourage our subscribers to start selling their own art & crafts, the questions on their mind is “How do we do that?” The selling experience can be broken down into 2 stages. Stage 1: Point of sale, which is……

How to Discover Your Creativity When New Ideas Are Elusive

One of the doubts that plagues a craftsperson mind is the belief that you cannot create something new & attractive enough to sell. In other words you doubt if you are creative enough, struggle to come up with new ideas or just find yourself stuck in a creative rut. Well there’s some great news for……

Get Noticed | Make Striking ‘Pins’ For Pinterest

Learn imagery techniques that makes your ‘pins’ standout on Pinterest feed. Grab attention by making conspicuous pins that attract people to view your content.

Using Pinterest | For business and personal income

What is Pinterest and how to start an account to promote your business or to make a personal income | Build popularity, build followers and post popular content.

Selling On Etsy – How To Set JUST The Right Price

Pricing your craft just right is nothing short of a clever strategy. The question of how to get the maximum returns for your work while delivering equal value to the customer. How much will they be ready to pay for your product? Let’s figure it out!

The RIGHT Way To List Items On Etsy

It can be a challenge to show up in Etsy search results in the beginning. The way you list your items can bring better exposure in front of more shoppers. Let us look at some proven tips for adding products to an Etsy storefront.

9 Ways To Create A Great Brand Image On Etsy

Brand image is important for every business. Even more when selling through an online shop like Etsy. All the customers can see is your craft and the message you create around it. Welcome to “Branding For Etsy”.

How To Make An Etsy Store Trustworthy – Your Story Here

Make your personal story a part of your craft profile. It is a way to make your craft and art standout and become memorable. People should be able to identify the craft with a larger message. And that message is YOU.