11 Must Have Sewing Accessories And Sewing Machine Tools

These are sewing accessories and sewing machine tools that one must have in their sewing shop. These accessories ensure all sewing jobs and all major sewing processes happen conformable and quickly.

6 Important Sewing Machine Accessories You Should Have

It’s amazing the number of sewing machine accessories available to you. It’s even more amazing how few of them you actually need to get most of your stitching done. The main accessories you need for your sewing machine are: The right presser feet. The right needles. You can get just about any sewing job done……

How To Choose The Right Sewing Machine For Your Business

Great. So we are starting a sewing business from home. We can’t get much ahead without first sorting out this little business of having the correct sewing machines to do the job. We are not going to immediately suggest that you buy a new sewing machine for your sewing business. That decision will largely depend……

How To Choose What To Sew To Sell When First Starting Up

There are many options to choose when picking up a crafts to sell. It is the same for a sewing business. This post covers some easy ways that you can pick a winner for yourself when you are confused about your choices. Find the right inspiration and choose the right craft to start your sewing business with.

Sewing To Sell In 7 Steps – How And What To Sew That Sells

This is a short and quick guide to a sewing business that covers all the good and pertinent stuff like what you can do right away to go from sewing for a hobby to selling what you make. This article also covers some of the best selling categories and crafts you should sew for a robust business and healthy profits.

Getting Started With A Sewing Business (Choosing A Speciality & Other Things)

A good read if you are contemplating starting a sewing business. This article outlines the first few basic steps like choosing among the various popular specialities as well as how much you can expect to earn from your work. What will it cost you to start work and how much you should charge for different kinds of sewing jobs and services.

How To Be A Men’s Tailor – Jobs And Business Opportunity

What is tailoring like as an option for men to start a small business or to have a career in? This article explores the demand and potential for growth as a speciality tailor. Learn more about the venues that are open for tailors as well as how to go about becoming one.