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11 Must Have Tools And Accessories In A Sewing Shop

Sewing accessories are your primary tools for getting the desired result from your sewing project. Simple as they may be, having the right one around can make a huge difference to how quickly and how well you can get the job done. Many of them will also be your rescue you in a challenging situation […]


6 Important Sewing Machine Accessories You Should Have

It’s amazing the number of sewing machine accessories available to you. It’s even more amazing how few of them you actually need to get most of your stitching done. The main accessories you need for your sewing machine are: The right presser feet. The right needles. You can get just about any sewing job done […]


How To Choose The Right Sewing Machine For Your Business

Great. So we are starting a sewing business from home. We can’t get much ahead without first sorting out this little business of having the correct sewing machines to do the job. We are not going to immediately suggest that you buy a new sewing machine for your sewing business. That decision will largely depend […]

How To Start When You Don’t Know What To Sew

This is a common place that many people find themselves at. You want to start a sewing business but just don’t know what to start with. What you need is a dose of inspiration ad an infusion of some great ideas. There are some effective ways to get there. First of all, very importantly, do […]


Sewing To Sell In 7 Steps

Sewing to sell can be different from sewing as a hobby. The good news is that you can most likely make the transition easily. You have to change a few things and learn a few new ones to start selling what you sew. For example, you ought to improve the quality of your finishing, use […]


Introduction to Starting A Sewing Business From Home

Sewing is a great skill to possess for many reasons. There is so much you can create with it. So much you can do. And that includes making money with it. If you decide to utilise your sewing talent to work from home, you have many ways of doing this, and choose a path that […]


Start A Business As A Tailor For Men’s Formal Wear

Retailers of men’s formal and business wear generally don’t have an in-house tailor, and typically alteration work is subcontracted to outside tailors. This fact creates a more than ample opportunity for individuals with sewing experience to capitalize by starting a tailoring service that operates right from a home based location. The fastest way to establish […]

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