How To Make An Etsy Store Trustworthy – Your Story Here

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A famous and well-known marketing guru said never sell the product, sell the concept. Your story and who you are should be a part of your craft. That is just great branding.

Make you and your art or craft more memorable. In fact, all fine artwork and artists thrive in this concept. Eventually, people end up buying the artist more than the art.

You and your story as an artist is a large part of selling of selling a concept. Just like you added descriptions for your craft, work on a description of yourself. This will go into the about/profile section of your Etsy shop.

Almost all buyers who come across a piece of art or craft read the profile of the crafter who has made it. This is one of the things that makes Etsy a novel marketplace. People enjoy a more personal buying experience.

By giving them are story about yourself and a craft they are interested in you are strengthening their connection to your work. You are enhancing their desire to own.

Your profile goes a long way in lending credibility to your work. You let the buyer know what makes you tick and what inspires you. These are strong statements that affect the buying experience strongly.

Speaking about your experience and skills is always effective in lending credence to your work. Be cautious here and speak of things that actually enhance your profile. Avoid statements that do not speak directly of your skill and ability as an artist.

Remember, people on Etsy, very often, tend to be influenced by the crafter and the artist as much as by the actual craft itself.

An artist who has an inspiring and interesting profile or a personal story is many times more likely to sell as compared to someone who does not create a similar personal impression.

Once again your story will help you stand out amongst faceless competition who might be selling a similar art or craft. You can give your craft a unique identity by giving it a great story. A great tip to remember here is that you can apply stories to individual crafts as well.

By speaking of the different inspirations behind each different product you can transform a genetic craft into something special. I have seen this done so many times. For example you will find many crafters using screen printed designs for various craft objects like sheets, T-shirts, mugs et cetera. But some of them make their work appear unique by speaking of a unique inspiration or story behind the product. This in turn convinces the buyer that the craft itself is unique.

Try this. Create a profile. Create a story behind your crafts. Sell more than the object itself. Sell the idea and concept. You will see a marked increase in the response you get from potential buyers.

We would like to repeat that storytelling is an incredibly powerful method of converting prospects into sales. You can turn something common and ordinary into something special by creating a story behind it.

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