Get Special – Find A Niche Craft To Sell On Etsy

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Start a craft business on Etsy in as specific a niche as possible. The advantage of working in a niche are obvious. You stand out from the rest as one-of-a-kind. There are thousands of iPad covers available online. But only yours are the hand embroidered ones.

Since there is no other product to compare it to you have a greater freedom in setting a selling price on it. You do not have to compare or be restricted by another product because your craft is different from any other craft. Which means you can sell it for a higher profit margin.

The deeper you dig the more specific you can get. Finding a subcategory within a category is known as finding a “micro niche”. If you think out of the box or try to apply your original ideas and specific talents to a certain craft, you can create a craft much different from the original one. You can discover these kind of “micro niches” in almost any kind of craft.

People often think that all the best craft ideas are already taken up. This is not the case. The most successful crafters are the ones who have acted on their liking for doing something regardless of how small the idea may have seemed then.

Developing a niche can work wonders for creating a brand image and can make you an industry leader. If that sounds like a very high talk, it’s not. Your brand image is your one true asset, no matter how small scale you are. With the convenience of selling online in multiple ways, the distinction between large and small businesses is getting blurred. Small artists are discovering that they can be very successful with their talents when they put some effort into the online selling front.

Here are a few ways of discovering niche crafts to sell on Etsy.

  • Unique colour pallets.
  • Unique choice of materials.
  • Fun trends applied to the traditional draft.
  • Minimalism.
  • Using high-quality materials.
  • Your unique branding and presentation.
  • Combining your skills with another craft, such as, hand-embroidered jewellery boxes.

Be unique with your art and craft and you will gain an enormous advantage in the Etsy marketplace. Etsy has a lot of traffic. The more unique and niche your craft is the more chances you have of siphoning off a larger chunk of this traffic.

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