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It is easy to start a shop on Etsy. You can do it in minutes. But as long as you do not do everything to stand out in the crowded marketplace, you are not maximising your selling potential.

One of the things you can do to stand from other Etsy shops is to make your shop unique and great.

These are the things you can do to have a great shop on Etsy. Design a Top Banner

There is a top banner that you can put on your Etsy storefront. This banner can contain your business logo as well as your business name. In fact you can get one designed specially for your Etsy shop. Getting this kind of work is done fairly easy easily and cheaply. You can either do it yourself or go to a website like and pay all of $5 to have a great looking banner designed for you.

Logo making is a popular skill offered on various freelancing websites. As the name of the website subverts you can actually get a great banner designed for a few dollars.

Take great pictures

We are constantly surprised at how many crafters no Etsy get this wrong. In order to take good photographs you first have to know what good photographs look like. They are sharp, without any blurring. They are well lit and not dark in any areas. They are vibrant and the colour is real and bright.

What do you need to take good pictures of your crafts? It is very important to invest in a good camera. We recommend a digital SLR. We recommend buying a digital SLR and learning how to use it. Buy beginner’s guide to photograph.

Good photography in your Etsy shop sets you apart from a lot of other shops. It makes you look classy and professional immediately. Bad photography does completely the opposite and makes you look like an amateur and a poor artist.

Do Some Great Copyrighting

Good copywriting is equally important in your Etsy shop since the information you give the customer in the product details and description swings the decision for the customer to buy or not to buy. Tell the customer everything about the craft. Do not skip on any detail that is worth mentioning. You can even talk about the manufacturing process if there is anything special there. Getting to know the craft intimately convinces the buyer about its authenticity and value.

Writing a good titles and detailed information is again something that many crafters do not do well enough. Imagine a craft listing with no description at all. Would you buy from that listing? Probably not.

Having small and poor descriptions for your craft is only a little better than not having any description. And yet many crafters do not work on this aspect.

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