How To Learn 11 Money Making Skills From Home

Anytime you want to make money, you have to bring something to the table. Something that someone is willing to pay for. Whether you are working in a regular job, part time, looking to work from home or want a gig to make some extra cash on the side, in every scenario you need something to sell that someone else wants to buy.

That’s not as serious as it sounds. You can have something as simple and commonplace as an option about something.

Read “50 Websites To Make Money” for realistic ways to earn from home. There is something for everyone.

However, the point is that it is always to your advantage to bring some knowledge, skill or expertise with you when looking to make money, regardless of whether you are looking for something casual or serious. Some people bring innovativeness. For example, I know people who make some extra cash by offering to put up flyers for you on bulletin boards of their colleges and universities. 

Having a skill is good. Learning a new one always an option.

How can you learn a new skill? Where do you need to go for it? Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could do it from the comfort of your home? Just like working from home would be. What if you could take the lessons and the tutorials online, at your own convenience and pace… And you could learn for free. I think that ticks all the boxes on the checklist of an easy way to learn something new.

And I have just the resource that teaches you some of great money making skills, right from the comfort of your home, on your phone app or a computer, with free access to all the great lessons.

I will show it to you later on in this post.

There are many skills that are in demand online. Sometimes it is a person being innovative and creative with what they have to offer, as I described in the ‘flyers’ example above, but there’s just as often there is more. A few examples of  popular skills are as follows.


Writing skills are in demand in so many spheres. From writing blog posts to product descriptions, captions, social media posts and so on. So if you feel like you would like to have creative writing skills, you can take a course in that. Besides, becoming a better writer you will be able to say that you have studied the art and learnt, which is more than most people are able to say who do casual writing gigs on sites like Fiverr.

Designing, Animation, Film Making.

Can you sketch, can you you draw, can you use a computer to make graphics? Simple designing jobs are in demand on almost all freelance websites. The fine arts of animation and film making are highly sought after and fun to pursue.


Do you know that you can take interesting pictures from your camera and even your phone camera, provided you have a good one, upload them and make money from those pictures over and over again? This is called stock photography and we have written more about making money from stock photography. So why not hone your skills, start taking better pictures and earn some money with them.

Creative skillsSewing.

A skill in great demand. A skill that allows you to set up a comfortable business at home or sell your own crafts online.


Many people do not know how big this is. Embroidered things are in a lot of demand and sell really well. The advantage of an embroidery business is that you can take an otherwise ordinary product and turn it into something special. For example, a simple plain cap that costs nothing gains a lot in value when embroidered with an insignia. The same goes for collared t-shirts. T-shirts emblazoned with logos can sell very well. Yes, the initial investment in an embroidery machine is needed, but if you know what you are doing, the investment will pay off quickly. We have written on how to start an embroidery business here.

Culinary Skills.

There is much you can do with this, off-line and online.

Art And Crafts.

Art and crafts is a huge industry and growing. You can make crafts and sell them online through various platforms like Etsy or sell them locally through stores and exhibitions.

Business and Entrepreneur Skillset.

If setting up things on your own is on your mind, then getting some specialised know how and tricks of the trade will give you a good start. Learn key business and entrepreneur principles from the convenience of your home.


I cannot emphasise enough how much you can do if you know a second and foreign language. There is virtually no shortage of work online and offline for bi-lingual people, and you can pretty much state your own terms. So if this is something you are interested in, start today.

Finally, introducing the resource that teaches these skills and much more.

Use this link to get complete access to all lessons completely free for 2 months. Good luck.

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