11 Must Have Hand Tools For A Woodworking Business

You cannot do without hand tools in a woodshop of course. They are a must have and you are going to need them every step of the way. Just like when buying power tools buy the highest quality of hand tools that you can afford. The woodworking tool undergo a lot of rigour and wear and tear. Even the most basic hand tool like a hammer will make your job a lot easier when you go for a high quality version.

In fact I have known woodworkers to make the projects using only hand tools. The advantage of hand tool is obvious. They are very ‘handy'.

“If your time is money, as it very often is the case in a woodworking business, you should use power tools to get the job done whenever possible.”

However, these are the must have hand tools for a woodshop.

  1. Different kind of hammers.
  2. Complete set of mallets and chisels.
  3. Planes and squares of different sizes.
  4. Screwdriver, nail sets and awls.
  5. Important saws like hand saws, back saws and coping saws.

Use hand tools with care

Hand tools require the same kind of expertise to use as a power. You can injure yourself just as easily by being careless with a hand tool. Be sure to know the right technique to use it. Learning the best way to use hand tools will also products the best results with whatever woodworking project you are working on.

Use them to have learn the right technique and the basics of woodworking. Power tools are fast and powerful and you might find it difficult to control them at first.

Woodworking hand tools

Hand tools for beginner woodworkers

As a beginner, it is often good advice to start with hand tools only. Using hand tool provides for more reflection during use, in case you need to go slow. If you do something wrong, there is better possibility of stopping before you do too much damage. Power tools are usually not so considerate. If you do something wrong, usually you end doing lots of it.

Get powered up whenever you can

Remember, you do not necessarily need expensive power tool to start and run a successful woodworking business. But they are something you should aspire to have in your woodshop because they get the job done quicker, and if you know their proper usage, with a great deal of accuracy. Which brings us to the next topic, proper use of woodworking tools.

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