Choosing Woodworking As A One Person Business

The one-person business model has proved to be successful for many woodworkers. In spite of the fact that one person has to act in several capacities like being a craftsman, sales person, admin and accountant all in one, a one-person woodworking business is actually the easiest to manage, establish and run.

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However, you must bear in mind that this is also hard work. Your success depends on your willingness to learn and execute all aspects of the business. Fortunately it is going to be the kind of hard work that you are going to enjoy.

The love of woodworking, and building a business doing something that you love makes all this worth while. There are many of you who are woodworking hobbyists and would like to stay that way. This is perfectly desirable. However, there are others who are keenly interested in monetising their woodworking skill and talent. Since you are reading this blog it is safe to assume that you are one of the latter.

One person woodworking

We want you to know that as long as you are willing to learn, you can not only just make money but also have a satisfying way of life following your passion.

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“While one person and self run woodworking business is not going to make you extremely rich, it will enrich your way of life and make you comfortably financially off.”

There are of course other more extensive business models that you can pursue if expansion is on your mind. We will touch on that subject our future posts.

But mostly we are all about running and getting successful at running the show by yourself. It is going to be an exciting journey so buckle up. Get ready to learn new and interesting things that will help cement your financial freedom using your woodworking skills.

Here are some posts to get you to kick start your solo business.

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