How To Setup A Woodworking Workshop At Home

It makes perfect sense to start a woodworking workshop at home, especially if you are just starting out. Many small businesses start from home and stay there if the space can accommodate the business growth. This post is about different kinds of setups available to you depending on the kind of space you will utilise.

9 Ideas For Small Wood Crafts That Sell Well

It is a satisfactory experience to build small woodcrafts that fetch a pretty price when you sell them. This article covers some popular small wood projects that are easy and interesting to make. You can use several variations of the same wood craft to create a nice variety of projects to sell. They take less time to make so you can make and sell more.

How To Sell More Of Your Wood Crafts

This question was asked recently by one of our email subscribers and we thought it was a good enough question to merit a post on its own. So thank you for asking. We will try to provide some useful input here. Sales are the ever important factor in any business. No matter what it is.……

Top 10 Best Selling Wood Projects | Woodcrafts That Make You More Money

Here are some of the best selling woodcrafts of all times. They are the proven best sellers that are popular and sell well. The complexity ranges from simple to medium difficult. Making wood projects in these niches means more profit for your woodworking business and more income as a woodworker for the amount of time you put in.

9 Steps To Turn Woodworking Hobby Into A Business

If your hobby activity is what you do for a living, you are on a constant vacation. A LOT of hobbies are great that way that they can be turned around from being a past-time to a source of a healthy income. All art and crafts usually have this quality. Anything that you are passionate about has this potential. In this post we speak of some great ways in which you can convert your woodworking hobby into a profitable business.

How To Create 6 Figure Woodworking Income – Learn In 7 Emails

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Main Costs Of Setting Up A Wood Shop

Plan out the expense of setting up a woodworking workshop. Learn what are going to be your major costs and how to go about minimising them. Get all the essential requirements in place so that you have a fully functional workshop with the minimum expense possible.

How To Find A Money Making Niche For A Woodworking Business

Discovering lesser known niches is one of the most potent way to potential profit. Woodworking is full of such gem of an ideas that will allow you to cut through the competition and maximise your profits. Learn how to find profitable niche wood crafts for your woodworking business.

6 Reasons to Start a Woodworking Business From Your Garage

While not the most preferable option for the space to locate a wood-shop in, a garage working space is handy and convenient. Even though it may not seem like a great idea to start with, there are some very viable reasons to choose your garage as a place to start your woodworking business. Read this post to see if the concept of a garage wood-shop resonates with you.

How To Create A Woodworking Business Plan – With Sample Plan

Making a business plan is like going through all the stages of a business without actually doing those things. You start from the inception of the business to running it and projecting future growth. You systematically go through the process of running the business and realise what steps you need to take and when. This is why a business plan is important for any business and this post is about making one when starting a woodworking business.