How To Sell More Crafts By Making A Photo Album For Them

This article is about why you need to be taking pictures of yours woodcraft right now, if you have not started doing that already. There are several benefits to be had by including this practice in your working routine and process. Read about the different ways in which you can create Photo albums for your work as well as the different ways in which you can use these photographs to do better business

Importance Of Formulating An Advance Payment Policy For A Business

I recommend an advance payment policy to businesses and not just a woodworking business. However, the payment terms can differ from one business to another depending on the nature of the work and client requirements. This post explores the best ways to formulate a suitable payment policy for your woodworking business, including advance payment terms. This is important to insure that your cash flow remains healthy and your costs are covered.

Hiring Help – Does Your Woodworking Business Need It?

In this post we talk about the best ways to hire additional help for your woodworking business, because at some point your business is going to require it. Are you a one-person business? Are you growing and expanding? Factors such as these will decide the kind of help you should hire to cause the least amount of complications for your business.

How Much Space Is Needed To Setup A Woodshop

Will you be surprised to learn that you do not always need a large space to start woodworking? It all depends on what projects you are making and how you are making them. There are ways to adjust your woodworking activity to suit the space you have on your hands. In this post we have a brief look at the correlation between space and your setup.

Do You Need Commercial Grade Power Tools For A Woodworking Business?

There is usually a steep price difference between the woodworking tools deemed as professional versus those meant for personal and light use. Do you need to make this additional expense? Sometimes you do and sometimes you can be smart with the tools and accessories you buy and save yourself extra expense. This post explains what grade of woodworking tools you need when.

Always Start A Woodworking Business With Your Current Skill Set

It is the easiest to start a woodworking business doing the kind of jobs you are the best at. You work in woodworking categories that you are confident about doing well. This is what starting with your current and existing woodworking skills is all about. No matter how small or specific your current talent is……

Heirloom Or Simple Furniture – What Is More Profitable To Make

You can go in many directions with a woodworking business in regards to the projects you make and sell. The choice often depends on your skill combined with your liking for a particular kind of work. One of the decision a woodworker has to make is whether to make more expensive and time consuming wood projects or go with the simpler one. Read this post to discover what is right for you.

Choosing Woodworking As A One Person Business

There are several reasons for running your wood-shop solo. This article is about exploring the potential of a one-person woodworking business and how you can still manage to grow and expand your work. Learn about the advantages and dis-advantages of running a workshop yourself.

5 Tips To Start A Woodworking Business On A Budget

“Start small now. Scale up later” is a sage advice for any business. Your don’t have to wait to garner a large corpus of cash to start your own woodworking business. If are on limited funds this is the post for you to read. We explore some effective ways to start a woodworking business when startup capital is more limited than you would like.

How To Setup A Woodworking Workshop At Home

It makes perfect sense to start a woodworking workshop at home, especially if you are just starting out. Many small businesses start from home and stay there if the space can accommodate the business growth. This post is about different kinds of setups available to you depending on the kind of space you will utilise.