9 Steps To Turn Woodworking Hobby Into A Business

If your hobby activity is what you do for a living, you are on a constant vacation. A LOT of hobbies are great that way that they can be turned around from being a past-time to a source of a healthy income. All art and crafts usually have this quality. Anything that you are passionate about has this potential. In this post we speak of some great ways in which you can convert your woodworking hobby into a profitable business.

How To Create 6 Figure Woodworking Income – Learn In 7 Emails

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Main Costs Of Setting Up A Wood Shop

Plan out the expense of setting up a woodworking workshop. Learn what are going to be your major costs and how to go about minimising them. Get all the essential requirements in place so that you have a fully functional workshop with the minimum expense possible.

How To Find A Money Making Niche For A Woodworking Business

Discovering lesser known niches is one of the most potent way to potential profit. Woodworking is full of such gem of an ideas that will allow you to cut through the competition and maximise your profits. Learn how to find profitable niche wood crafts for your woodworking business.

6 Reasons to Start a Woodworking Business From Your Garage

While not the most preferable option for the space to locate a wood-shop in, a garage working space is handy and convenient. Even though it may not seem like a great idea to start with, there are some very viable reasons to choose your garage as a place to start your woodworking business. Read this post to see if the concept of a garage wood-shop resonates with you.

How To Create A Woodworking Business Plan – With Sample Plan

Making a business plan is like going through all the stages of a business without actually doing those things. You start from the inception of the business to running it and projecting future growth. You systematically go through the process of running the business and realise what steps you need to take and when. This is why a business plan is important for any business and this post is about making one when starting a woodworking business.

5 Places To Get The Best Wood For Your Wood Shop

Wood is going to be number one on your supplies list and perhaps the most expensive one after your tools. Since it is a recurring expense, it is best to figure out a reliable supply source that you can count on. It is also great to get hands on a wide variety at good rates because that will add variety to your wood projects which is a very good things for a woodworking business.

Response To Emails

We have received some emails recently from people who have sent letters and even signup fee to some of the assembly companies. Some of them have not received a response from the assembly companies even though they have worked for them in the past some years back. This post is a response to these emails.……

Earn With Your Own Crafting Blog

Start a craft blog and earn from it As a crafter you have many ways to earn from your passion. Crafting may be a hobby or an existing vocation but the potential to make an income from it are still several. One of the ways that you can make money from home with crafting is……

Start A Bookbinding And Book Repairs Business

The craft traditions that become rare also become sought after. They become a niche art because they are difficult to come across. Book binding and book repair is one such craft business. Even if you think the demand for this would be low, the craftspersons to do this work will be even lower. You could be the only one in town. Read more about starting a book binding and repair business.