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5 Most Useful Sewing Projects to Make and Sell

There are many kinds of crafts you can sew, one more appealing than another to your customers. Different people love different crafts for different reasons. In this post, we will talk about sewing projects your customers will love to buy because of their practical use and function. Aprons Aprons of all kinds are a successful […]


10 Bestselling Sewing Crafts

These are some great sewing projects that you should always strive to have in your sewing shop. These crafts have a history of being wonderfully popular with people. Some of the crafts we mention are actually categories. That means that you can include more ideas of your own. For example if we tell you that […]


How To Sell Your Crafts In A Craft Show

Craft shows are still a great way to make a quick profit from a crafting business, be it sewing or any other kind. If you make the right preparation and participate in the right shows, all your efforts will prove to be well worth your while. Craft shows have a lot potential customers walking in […]


How To Start Selling Sewing Crafts Online

You must consider selling your things online even if you have never before. The barrage of benefits of selling online are simply overwhelming. To begin, selling online has become easier than ever before. You don’t need your own website & you don’t have to spend any money up front (think…). You have some amazing […]


How To Choose A Name For Your Sewing Business

Never start selling your selling items without putting a few things in place first. One of them is: choose a name for your sewing business. This step applies when selling any kind of product not just for an art & craft business. A business name is the identity of your craft. It is important for […]


3 Amazing Ways To Sew Better With Patterns

You can do much more with your sewing patterns. By following these 3 simple tips you can begin to get much more out of your existing patterns. Change & Modify The Patterns You may have a wonderful sewing patterns to begin with, but there are some great reasons for you to change them around. A […]


6 Great Ways To Save A LOT Of Money When Buying Fabric

These are simple & effective ways you can save money next time you need to buy fabric or any sewing accessories for your business. Shop on Offers, Sales & Armed With Vouchers Time purchase to coincide with sales & offers. It helps to know what you’re selling business needs on a regular basis so you […]


Are You a Fabric Addict?

You know what I mean! It’s just impossible to not find fabric irresistible. That’s a huge part of why you sew! Not sure if you are a fabric junkie? Here are some classic symptoms: You buy more fabric then you know what to do with. You buy impulsively without letting your “practical” side interfere. You […]


How To Coordinate Different Fabrics for Your Sewing Projects

This is a special topic & a favourite one. The potential of your sewing crafts is determined to a large extent by how well you coordinate your colors, patterns & prints. There are several techniques that assure your combination is always attractive. You can, of course, go completely by your own instincts, as many seasoned […]


How To Buy And Manage Fabric Responsibily

Now that you are getting set up to start sewing professionally, you need to handle all aspects of sewing with a more professional approach. And organising the usage of your fabric is a part of it. Organising the way you use fabric not only makes it easier to work, but also saves you useless extra […]

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